Residential Building Surveys

Residential Surveys are they worth the money?

Buying a property is probably the single most expensive purchase most people will make during their life time.

Having an RICS survey carried out on the property you are purchasing will ensure that you are fully aware of all potential defects and issues that may not be immediately evident to the untrained eye, and could save you £1000's.

RICS surveys have been developed to provide you with the detailed information you need to help protect you. There are 3 Levels of survey.

  • Level 1 - RICS Condition Report
  • Level 2 - RICS HomeBuyer Report
  • Level 3 - RICS Building Survey
  • We also offer a Specific Defect Survey 

Make sure you protect your investment with one of our RICS Surveys carried out by a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor. 

Level 1 - RICS Condition Survey

RICS Condition Report This inspection and report is intended to provide a concise and easily understandable description by using a RED, GREEN, AMBER traffic light system to report on the condition of various aspects of the property giving an indication of any defects which are likely to require urgent attention. The report is essentially an overview of condition of the property but doesn't give detailed information, costs or remedial solutions. 

Level 2 - RICS HomeBuyers Survey

RICS HomeBuyer Report focuses on highlighting matters concerning the subject property which could negatively affect its value particularly in connection with building and structural defects.

The RICS Homebuyer report is more detailed than the RICS Condition Report however, does not generally provide estimated costs or specifications for remedial works unless by further agreement. 

Level 3 - RICS Building Survey

RICS Building Survey is sometimes referred to as a “structural” survey, the RICS created the RICS Building Survey as an essential survey for larger or older properties, or for those planning major home improvements or extensions. This most comprehensive of reports provides you with an in-depth analysis of your property’s condition and includes comprehensive advice on defects, repairs and future maintenance options. This survey will provide as standard estimated costs and specifications where required and will also go into detail on fixtures, fittings and external areas.

Specific Defect Inspection

Specific Defect Inspection is the ideal option where there is just one particular fault or problem with your property. This may be before or after the purchase and is most often required when a property has been in the same occupation for many years at a time. This report is often requested when defects and further investigations are identified in a mortgage valuation or Level 1 & 2 RICS surveys.

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