RICS Condition Report

Level 1 - Entry Level Survey

Chartered Building Surveyors are regulated and accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

RICS Surveyors provide three different levels of survey for residential properties:

  • Level 1 - RICS Condition Report.
  • Level 2 - RICS HomeBuyer Reprt
  • Level 3 - RICS Building Survey

The RICS Condition Report is intended to provide a concise and easily understandable description – using a RED, GREEN and AMBER traffic light system to identify the condition of various aspects of the property, and provide an indication of any defects which are likely to require urgent attention.

Although Condition Reports provide a good overall indication of the condition of a property, they are limited in scope and don’t include any advice or recommendations on the repair or maintenance of any defects identified, or the likely costs. It also doesn’t cover less serious defects which, though minor, may also lead to repair costs.

The RICS Condition Report is mainly intended for relatively new and conventional properties. The lower fee for the report is representative of the detail provided, and in most cases we would recommend that it’s better to opt for a more comprehensive survey either:

'RICS HomeBuyer Report' or 'RICS Building Survey'.

We offer the RICS Condition Report option as we recognise that clients have varied budgets, prior knowledge and requirements and we strive to provide best value. However, we will always advise you on the most appropriate survey based on the location, age and type of property you are intending on purchasing to protect your interests and investment.

Don't get caught out and rely on the FREE valuation survey !

Yes you may get a FREE valuation survey with your mortgage application fee - but ask yourself, Who is this actually benefiting?

The lending organisation is concerned about whether their financial investment is going to be safe in the current market. the valuation survey merely confirms this, it is NOT a detailed survey and does not provide the level of information to help you negotiate costs or make important decisions on the purchase. Only one of the RICS surveys we offer can provide you with total peace of mind.

Make sure you protect your property investment with one of our RICS Surveys!

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