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Specific Defect Reports concentrate only on areas of concern noticed by a current owner or identified as a result of an inspection by a prospective purchaser’s surveyor.

Specific defects identified in a mortgage valuation or condition report typically take the form of cracking or distortion to walls, unevenness in floors, dampness, timber decay and insect infestation or general inadequacies and instabilities in structural elements. These defects may have been identified as requiring further investigations due to the level of survey being undertaken or the cause of the defect was not immediately evident. It is for this reason that we offer a Specific Defect Report. 

We are experts in building defect diagnosis and remedial repair recommendations and specifications. The initial inspection may be sufficient for the surveyor to comment with reasonable certainty on the cause and significance of a defect but in some cases, especially those where significant repairs are recommended, some opening-up of the structure by excavation, removal of finishes or floor coverings may be necessary.

Any intrusive investigations can be arranged, by ourselves using one of a number of trusted and competent local builders or you can instruct a builder of your choice. A full photographic schedule and details of the defect(s) are taken on site and prepared for the client.

Repairs can be specified, tendered and supervised on behalf of the building owner or indications of repair costs can be given to facilitate negotiations in the case of a house purchase.

Don't be frightened off from purchasing your dream home!

Cracks and movement in buildings is common place, particularly in 'old' properties and in most instances can be attributed to natural settlement of the property. The type of construction of a property and the materials used also effects the way a building manages both settlement and thermal movement. This is why it is important to obtain a building survey or specific defect report if you have any concerns.

Don't worry, If there are signs of structural defects, damp or timber decay we have the knowledge and expertise to prepare specifications for remedial works to ensure that the defects are repaired and the property is returned to a satisfactory condition. Often properties with specific defects will sell at a lower market value due to their aesthetic appearance. A specific defects report is an ideal way of understanding the implications and can help in negotiations on the purchase price.

Don't get caught out and rely on the FREE valuation survey !

Yes you may get a FREE valuation survey with your mortgage application fee - but ask yourself, Who is this actually benefiting?

The lending organisation is concerned about whether their financial investment is going to be safe in the current market. the valuation survey merely confirms this, it is NOT a detailed survey and does not provide the level of information to help you negotiate costs or make important decisions on the purchase. Only one of the RICS surveys we offer can provide you with total peace of mind.

Make sure you protect your investment with an RICS survey!

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